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Let's Read Digital Library - Absolutely Free

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Children need books with characters, themes, and settings that reflect and affirm their lives and provide opportunities to explore the world. Let's Read draws on the Asia Foundation's 18 offices in the region and deep ties in local communities to build an unprecedented digital library of local language children's books while cultivating sustainable network of book creators and translators who are committed to creating meaningful reading opportunities.


Tools for parents: What to look for in a preschool program (Khmer)

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Tools for parents: What to look for in a preschool program (Khmer)

តាម​រយៈ​ការ​សិក្សា​ស្រាវជ្រាវ​មួយ​ចំនួន​បាន​បង្ហាញ​ឱ្យ​ឃើញ​ថា ការ​អប់រំ​ថ្នាក់​មត្តេយ្យ​កម្រិត​ទាប​ដែល​មាន​គុណភាព​ខ្ពស់​ត្រូវ​បាន​ចាត់​ចូល​ក្នុង​ចំណាត់​ថ្នាក់​មួយ​ដែល​ជួយ​នាំ​ឱ្យ​មាន​ភាព​ជោគ​ជ័យ​ទៅ​ដល់​ការ​សិក្សា​របស់​កុមារ​នា​ពេល​ខាង​មុខ។ ប៉ុន្តែ ក្នុង​នាម​យើង​ជា​មាតា​បិតា​របស់​ពួក​គេ តើ​យើង​គួរ​ស្វែង​យល់ និង​ពិនិត្យ​លើ​អ្វី​ខ្លះ​ដើម្បី​អាច​ជ្រើស​រើស​សាលា​ឱ្យ​កូន?


Language Acquisition

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Language Acquisition

What is language acquisition? Language acquisition is the process by which humans acquire the capacity to perceive and comprehend language, as well as to produce and use words and sentences to communicate.

Can an infant be bilingual? It is entirely possible to teach an infant two or even three languages, and four is not unheard of. Cambodian’s speak Khmer, which is not an international language, thus Khumers need to think like the Swiss or Belgians, small country but outside contact is absolutely necessary for certain classes of society.


Assessment in Early Childhood

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Assessment in Early Childhood
What is the purpose of assessment in early childhood?

Assessment is a hot topic in education! What is the purpose of assessment in early childhood? Assessment has three purposes:

1. Adapting the curriculum based to each child’s level…

Kindergarten children enter school at many different learning levels. Kindergarten teachers are responsible for recognizing each child’s past experiences, maturational level, and developmental route. As previously stated, the first purpose of assessment is to adapt the curriculum and activities based on each child’s developmental level. For example, a kindergarten classroom is divided into three groups: above grade level, on grade level, and below grade level. During guided reading each group is assigned a different book based on each group’s developmental level.


Building a Classroom Community

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Building a Classroom Community

Why build a classroom community…

Children in Cambodia want to feel loved, just like all children. Although, parents in Cambodia often work long hours to provide for their families, therefore finding the time to give their children undivided attention becomes difficult. Cambodian children might often act-out because their needs are not being met at home, of course like all children they crave attention. Building a classroom community not only increases learning but also improves behavior. Children who feel part of a classroom community are more likely to learn in school and less likely to interfere with the progress of others.

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