Are musical instruments really beneficial for kids?

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Must-Have Musical Instruments for Home and School

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Some  must-have musical instruments for preschoolers include drums, piano, xylophone, guitar, trumpet, violin, and hand bells.

Do you have a little one who shows an interest in music? That is wonderful! Music can benefit children, even little preschoolers, in a big way! Experts say that there are many advantages to encouraging them to learn how to play a musical instrument. Everyone loves music and no matter where you are from, you will always enjoy a great melody. Allowing your preschooler to take music lessons is a fantastic way to encourage creativity and take an interest in something other than the television or video games. Here is a list of 12 instruments that are perfect for preschoolers:


Yes, they are noisy but drums are a favorite among preschoolers. There is nothing like beating a drum and trying to create music. This instrument teaches them about rhythm and develops their motor skills.


Experts say that the piano is one of the best musical instruments for preschoolers. It allows them to learn about the keys’ linear progression as well as the concept of music scales.


This is a simple yet amazing musical instrument. It is a great choice for preschoolers as it is easy to learn and sounds pleasant.


This is a musical instrument that will teach your little one about finger movements and how to use both hands to create melody. If you are looking for a guitar of great quality, you should check out the Confetti Acoustic Guitar by Janod.



Trumpets can be noisy too but they make great instruments to encourage little children to appreciate music and express themselves creatively.


This classical instrument is very popular even today. It is a wonderful tool to teach kids about classical music. For high-quality violins made especially for little children, check out the ones by Toy Wonders.

Here are 5 benefits that your little one gains by learning to play musical instruments:

Boosts brain power

Studies have shown that music has the ability to stimulate parts of the brain related to math, reading and emotional development. Experts say that children who are exposed to music at an early age are more likely to make higher achievements in academics.

Improves memory

According to experts, allowing children to participate in music at an early age can help in the improvement of memory and learning ability. This is because playing an instrument helps in the stimulation of the different patterns of brain development.

Develops physical skills

When your little one learns to play an instrument, you make sure that they develop motor skills and coordination. Percussion instruments are great for this as they require the hands, arms and feet to move.

Boosts self-esteem

When our child learns to play a musical instrument, they will find that they can get better as long as they keep trying to improve and work hard. This in turn helps them overcome their fears and boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

Develops creativity 

Needless to say, musical instruments are a superb tool for fostering creativity even in children who are at the preschool age. Playing musical instruments is a creative pursuit and creativity is always good for the body, mind and soul. No matter how young your little one is, encourage listening to music and playing different musical instruments. It will help them in more ways than one. From boosting brain power to teaching discipline, music can do a lot of good for your preschooler. If you have not already done so, make the time and start looking for musical instruments that are specially designed for children at preschool age.

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