First Day of School

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This is a very exciting day for Cambodian families! Not every child in Cambodia gets to go to school therefore education is extremely valued. Some children might be scared to leave their parents, but most children will be extremely excited for the opportunity to go school. As a teacher you have to create an interesting classroom for your children. The first time you see your Cambodian classroom, you might feel a since of emptiness. Make this your classroom! This your chance to decorate and get your children excited about learning! The children of Cambodia need a place to feel a sense of belonging, a place to express themselves, and a place to feel safe and loved.

Teacher Checklist

  •  Is your room ready? Are your bulletin boards decorated? Do you have your classroom rules and schedule posted? Also, make sure you save lots of wall space for children’s artwork.
  •  Do you have name tags and their pictures tapped to each child’s desk?
  •  Do you have a sign-in sheet for children to sign-in? Also, maybe a place where parents can leave you personal notes.
  •  Do you know how each child gets home from school?
  •  Do you have some games, puzzles, books and toys, out and ready for the children to use as they arrive in class?
  •  Do you have stickers or some other type of reward to give out for good behavior? Reinforcing good behavior is the key to effective classroom management.
  •  Have you selected what stories you will read?  Have your prepared follow up activities?
  •  Do you have an introduction letter to send home about yourself, your rules and expectations, and your classroom routine and schedule? 
  •  Are your desk, tables, and counters clean and presentable?

Beginning of the Year Activities

  • Friend Bingo: This activity helps children learn the names of their new classmates and teachers. Not only can this game be used as an assessment tool because it helps you see which children have not learned any or very few names, but also points out which children might need some guidance making friends.

  • All About Me Graph: Children will graph how many eyes, ears, mouth, fingers, toes, head, nose, and mouth they have. Not only does this graph promote mathematical thinking but also sense of self.

  • Classroom Circle Graph: This is a fantastic circle time activity. First, call out a child’s name, and then have them tape their picture to the classroom graph. (If you do not have pictures of the children have them draw a self-portrait) 

  • Picture Puzzle: Children will have their own picture puzzle of them-self. To complete the puzzle children will put their numbered Popsicle sticks in order from 1-10. Encourage your children to experiment with numbers by counting while constructing their puzzle. This is a great assessment tool to see which children need guidance with numbers, counting, in addition to which children remain engaged and complete the puzzle.

  • Watercolor Name: First,write each child’s name in crayon on a piece of white paper, then have children use their paintbrush to trace over each letter of their name. This activity not only furthers fine motor development, but also introduces the alphabet and children will begin to recognize some letters in their name.

First Day Activities
First Day Activities and Themes

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