In order for children to be ready for a more complex life and work environment a classroom and home environment should stimulate all five selves of child development: cognitive, emotional, social, creativity, and physical. All five selves of a child should be enhanced through a play-based environment. Children engaged in play learn how to understand themselves and how to control and express their emotional state. We have designed this resource page for teachers and parents to provide support through play, teamwork, and multicultural learning.Creating a nurturing atmosphere within the classroom or at home creates an excellent foundation for growing and learning together.

Play-Based Curriculums

The Creative Curriculum developmentally appropriate for early childhood and kindergarten classrooms. This curriculum provides teaching strategies, which help teachers be effective, while still recognizing children’s creativity. This creative approach not only makes learning exciting, but also supports active learning, and promotes all developmental areas.

The Emergent Curriculum is developmentally appropriate for all elementary grades. This curriculum is an approach that allows learning activities to develop through a child’s interests, actions or events. Children create and establish their own curriculum all the time, they are active learners, and learn through play.

Fantastic Classroom Books

Children Just Like Mewas delivered by UNICEF, to celebrate all children around the world. This book includes awesome pictures and interviews with young people from all walks of life. Spread diversity in your classroom! AMAZON LINK



Pete the Cat is a must-have in your classroom. Not only is this book on the top 100 best pictures books for childrenbut also teaches children cause and effect, repetition, and colors. I highly recommended your classroom meet Pete; he’s a groovy blue cat, who likes movin', groovin' and schoolin'. No matter where he goes Pete the Cat always keeps his cool!AMAZON LINK



Ladybug Girl encourages independence, imagination and creative play. Lulu transforms into Ladybug Girl, a superhero who uses her imagination to have adventures in her own backyard. This book is a great for your classroom because it shows you’re never to little to explore nature, build forts, and use your imagination to make your own fun. AMAZON LINK



The Very Hungry Caterpillar, not only shows the life cycle of a butterfly, but also teaches numbers, colors and healthy eating habits. This book is filled with beautiful illustrations, which have captivated children for more than 40 years. AMAZON LINK



Chicka Chicka Boom Boomis a wonderful book to teach children the letters and order of the alphabet. This book is full of vibrant color and, exciting rhyming words. AMAZON LINK




Eric Carle’s ABC is another great book to teach children the alphabet. This book illustrates the alphabet through animals, which make learning the ABCs easy and fun. AMAZON LINK




Links for Lesson Plans and Activities is a huge marketplace for teachers to buy, sell, and share their resources. There are thousands of free lesson plans, classroom themes, worksheets, activities, printable decorations, classroom management strategies, and so much more. This website has everything you’ll need to be a successful teacher.

English teachers, like you, who teach children, made This site was designed just for teaching English to children. You can find many good quality materials that are easy to locate and print. This site has printable lesson plans, flashcards, worksheets, craft sheets, games, and songs. is another great site, which provides lesson plans and teaching tips. is like a survival guide for teachers. Dr. Jean is a genius. Her website has everything you’ll need for an early childhood classroom. has over 1,200 free printable song lyrics to use in your classroom. This site not only lets you listen to songs for free, but also music videos and creative crafts to along with each song. is full of resources for not only teachers, but also for parents. These free resources include activities, worksheets, workbooks, and games. Also, there are tons of tips and resources for parents to use at home.

Links for Classroom Décor and Educational Toys provides excellent teaching resources for children 12 months to ten years old. is a leading manufacturer of high quality, educational toys. Actually at first, their toys were used at local schools in Bangkok. Now their toys are well known for their value of providing exceptional learning opportunities around the world. has millions of decorating ideas to incorporate in your classroom.

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